Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting

I understand that search engine optimization can be a confusing area for many business owners. With so much information online you never know whether what you’re reading is from a reputable person or the tactics they’re suggesting will actually harm your business in the long run.

A proper search engine optimization strategy will allow potential customers to find your company on Google and other search engines when searching for your products, services and related terms. Our focus is on long-term marketing success.

Drakon Digital will take all of the confusion away, explaining our strategy and how it will impact your business in the short and long term. Our focus is on helping you build a powerful and profitable online presence. Only after ensuring that our digital marketing goals are in line with your business goals will we proceed forward.

Onsite SEO

The code on your website affects user experience, search engine indexing, page load time & usability. Our expert analysis ensures your website’s content is visible to search engines and speaks to potential customers.

The copywriting on your pages needs to speak to visitors and send a clear message to search engines what the purpose of the page is. Keyword optimization is important, yet equally important is converting visitors into customers.

Content on your site needs to inform visitors on your services while convincing them to choose you over your competitors. A strategy that drives a ton of traffic, yet doesn’t turn those visitors into paying customers isn’t a strategy worth following. At Drakon Digital, we take the entire conversion funnel into account, not just rankings and traffic.

Offsite SEO

While backlinks to your site are important for ranking and traffic, however, the connections created while building those backlinks are even more important for social shares and word-of-mouth. I focus on building links that also increase your authority within your industry and community. Building connections is the most powerful way of earning quality, natural backlinks (which is what Google wants you to do).

Links to your website should not be purchased or created for the singular purpose of ranking. In fact, low-quality links that do not offer value to anyone other than your business are sure to hurt your business goals over time. For this reason, I don’t promise overnight results. What I do promise is to deliver a well thought out SEO strategy focused on long-term success.


First things first, I will perform an audit of your site’s technical SEO. Combined with an audit of your site’s current content we will have a list of prioritized action items to get your onsite SEO up to par. Competitive & keyword research are done to find the most profitable and realistic keywords to target.

Instead of focusing on keywords that get the most searches we’ll usually start by focusing on keywords that will drive the most conversions and contribute the most to your bottom line. At this point we finalize and approve the strategy after which implementation and reporting begins. The process for a typical client is listed below:

  1. Perform a technical website audit
  2. Evaluate your website and online presence
  3. Analyze and document your site’s content
  4. Perform competitive analysis
  5. Keyword research
  6. Create content strategy
  7. Present strategy for approval
  8. Focus on the most important tactics first
  9. Focus on long-term tactics next
  10. Evaluate performance
  11. Update strategy as needed

Complementary Services

SEO can benefit when combined with other services to create a holistic marketing strategy. After carefully evaluating your goals I may suggest other services, that based upon experience, will provide a positive ROI for your business.

To learn how I can help you reach your online goals contact me via the form on this page or on the contact page.