Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Consulting

What’s considered paid online marketing? Paid online marketing can include Google AdWords, Bing Ads, retargeting, Facebook, YouTube, and display ads. I can also help you find relevant websites to advertise on.

Perhaps you’ve tried PPC advertising before and couldn’t get a positive ROI. That’s alright, there are many tricks to setting up campaigns, finding profitable keywords, adjusting bids and more. I have the experience and will help you find the advertising channels that will provide you with the ROI you’re looking to achieve.

I know you’re busy running your business and it’s hard to be an expert in online marketing and your chosen industry. That’s why I’m here to assist you in reaching your business goals. By far the most valuable thing I get from my work is seeing a business thrive because of my help (earning a little bit of dough’s second on the list).


Sometimes there’s a long path from initial awareness to purchasing goods or services. I’ll help you discover the major points along that path and create informative content that will keep potential customers coming back to your site until they’re ready to make that purchase. And guess what? PPC for long-tail information focused keywords is usually pretty inexpensive.

You may be asking yourself “Why would I pay for visits to an informational page? Because with Google’s personalized results there’s a much higher chance that your website will show up organically when they are searching for other information and products/services your business provides.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can often work in conjunction with SEO to deliver spectacular results. This can be especially true when in a competitive niche or trying to break into an industry with some heavy hitters who have thousands of links to their websites. Earning thousands of links (while it should be a goal) takes a lot of time and money. Until you’re able to rank the highly competitive keywords one of the best ways to gain brand awareness is through paid search marketing.

Creating a winning campaign means countless hours evaluating keywords, ad positions, individual keyword bids, and ad copy to narrow down what returns a positive ROI and what doesn’t. How long does it take to see positive ROI? Well that all depends upon your budget and the amount of searches for the keywords that are relevant to your business. After we’ve reached a positive ROI we continue to optimize your campaigns to lower your overall cost-per-conversion and increase your campaigns’ conversion rate.


Will every idea we try be a success? Probably not. We’ll learn more from our failures than we will from the successes. If every idea or strategy we implement is a success, then I’m not trying new things and your campaign will be stuck at a standstill. And that’s something neither of us want. That’s why I’m constantly testing, reviewing and optimizing PPC strategies to find out what works and what doesn’t.


Drakon Digital’s process is pretty simple. It involves creating campaigns, monitoring those campaigns and then making changes based on the data collected. Over time we’ll turn your paid search marketing campaigns into cash generating machines.

Whether we’re using search, social, display advertising or all of the above, we’ll find out what works for your business.

To find out in more detail how I can help your business fill out the contact form on this page or visit the contact page.