Why Calling Models Fat is Bad for Business

Being mean to others is bad for business. This seems like an obvious statement. The majority of us marketers know that companies (read as “employees of companies”) should treat people with respect at all times. Should they do this because they’re nice people? Hopefully. Should they do it to protect their reputations? Definitely.

I came across this video from Complex News detailing how Forever 21 fired model Chrissy Teigan, calling her “too fat.” The incident was mentioned on Twitter by the model herself, mentioned in a magazine interview, and then picked up by Time, Complex, Buzzfeed and countless other websites. Unfortunately, this probably happens frequently in modeling with many young women succumbing to eating disorders as a result of the pressure put on them to lose weight. In business and in life there is no excuse to treat others with disrespect.

This is a great reminder that not everything that goes viral is good. So I encourage you to help create an environment in your workplace where everyone is treated with respect. Not because it is good for business, but because it is the right thing to do. And remember, this could be you getting your company bad press like this…


Published:August 19, 2014

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