Launching Our First Resource List

This post will be short and sweet as this is just an introduction to the good stuff. Today I finally got to launching a resource page I had been working on. I call this page the “ever-growing digital marketing tools and software list” because that’s what it is.

For some time I’ve had a huge bookmark folder full of different marketing tools for various tasks. When I started this blog I knew I wanted to publish the list to help others find the right tool for the job. I am adding new tools to my bookmarks folder all the time and I have many more that I will add to the list over the next few weeks.

After that I will continually update the list when I come across new and useful tools. I hope you will all get as much or more use from this list as I have. There will be other useful lists coming in the near future but for now check out the digital marketing tools and software list.


Published:August 27, 2014


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