How to Gain Access to a Facebook Page You Don’t Control

Trying to regain control of a Facebook account that has been hijacked either purposefully or innocently can be a real pain in the neck. It is usually not a simple process.

Hopefully if you’ve found yourself here an admin accidentally removed you from the account and all you need to do is ask them to send you an invitation to access the account. If your life isn’t that easy, and it usually isn’t, then keep reading to learn how to gain access to or claim your Facebook page.

Unmanaged Account

This typically happens when someone checks into your place of business before you had a Facebook account or by misspelling your business name when trying to check in. This is something you should monitor once a month.

You can monitor this by doing a search for your business on Facebook. Be sure to also search for commonly misspelled variants of your business name. A good place to look for these is in your Google Analytics account.

How to Regain Access

First, go to the page in question and click the gear icon shown directly above the dropdown in the image below.

Claim an Unmanaged Facebook Page

In this case I selected the “Do you know the owner?” option. I’ve seen Facebook show an option asking if you are the owner, however, it did not appear this time. It may not have appeared because as you can see in the image the business name was claimed as a beach.

Rogue Admin

If you have an admin go rogue, deleting all other admin accounts, then you have a serious headache. Don’t worry all is not lost… yet. Facebook is notoriously difficult to get help from (or at least finding out how to get help), however you do have some options.

In the future, adding employees as editors and not as admins can prevent this problem to a large degree. Once someone no longer needs admin access, remove admin rights for that user. Here is a table displaying the various roles you can give someone.

Facebook page roles table

How to Regain Access

Visit the page and click the Report Page option shown in the dropdown below. This will bring up an option for you to report the page (the second image below). Click the “Is this your intellectual property?” link in the lower left corner of the box. Doing so will take you to this page where you can choose the option that best represents your case.

Report a Claimed Facebook PageFacebook Intellectual Property

Lost Account Access

It can also occur when there is a lot of turnover in a company and admin after admin leaves, eventually leaving no admins and nobody who knows who the admins were. Claiming a Facebook page that someone else controls just became a little bit easier with Facebook’s new Business Manager accounts.

How to Regain Access

If you have a Business Manager account you can request access from the current page admin. If you do not have a Business Manager account you can create one here.

Business Manager Request Facebook Page Access

Once logged into your Facebook Business Manager account follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Pages in the left navigation
  3. Click the Add New Page button near the top right of the screen
  4. Select Request access to a Page
  5. Request Admin access
  6. Cross your fingers and wait

Business Manager Access Requested

Once you have requested access you should see something similar to the image above. If this fails you will have to report the page as shown in the Rogue admin example.

Trying to gain access to a Facebook account someone else controls can be very frustrating. If at first you don’t succeed have 3 – 5 people from your company report the Page to get the attention of the Facebook employees who monitor requests.

Update: Non Business Manager Method

  1. On the page in question, go to the drop down box with the three dots on the cover photo
  2. Click on report page
  3. Select most applicable reason and fill out form, but it is the impostor account form that usually makes the most sense
  4. Write that the community manager has left the organization and you need to get admin access
  5. And within a day or two you should get the response

I would like to thank Jason Richards for this process. He worked in social media marketing for many years and has used it on more than one occasion.

Note: This method may not work in all locations worldwide as it was unavailable when I tried to use it in Vietnam.

Let me know in the comments section if this page has helped you or if you have other information to share.


Published:September 28, 2014

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  • LD

    Hi there – I tried following your guide to re-gain access to a company page, but when you click on the intellectual property button there are no further actions from this. Also, I cannot set up a business manager account as I have no pages assigned to my profile. Any ideas?

    • Ryan Markham

      Hi LD, thanks for your comment. Yes that method just took me in circles which is why I suggested using the business manager. It really is ridiculous that Facebook makes it this difficult to gain access to a page.

      I am currently dealing with an account in which I was not responded to from the business manager. I have emailed a friend who has managed social media accounts for a long time to see if he has any suggestions. As soon as I hear something I will respond here.

      You can submit a trademark or copyright infringement from this page: although they shouldn’t make it that much trouble.

  • Ethan Anderson

    Thanks, this was really helpful info, even two years on.

  • Pari Sambasivan

    Hi Ryan – i have a similar situation and Facebook support or help center hasn’t been helpful at all. Please could you message me your email address? I would like to share my issue and get your advice on solving this.

  • Lateef Rehman

    Hi dear Friends
    my school official page has controlled by a person, he was admin but now he made all other admins moderator how can we get control back pls reply if any one know

  • Rob

    Useful article, but afraid it’s a little out of date. Facebook seems to have turned most of these methods into dead ends or loops. If I can find a method that works I’ll post here!

    • Ricky

      Current owners of a Drive Thru do not have access to their business Facebook page. Previous owners doesn’t know how to get to it. The previous owner lost it in 2011. How would I regain access this to this page? Any ideals?

    • Rob

      I think the best option is to go through reporting a trademark/copyright infringement, this then opens a case and puts you in touch with a human.

      We raised a IP/Trademark case, but requested a transfer of ownership rather than the page being closed down. They then passed our request onto a new department.

      I’m currently in the process, but Facebook make it incredibly difficult.

      You need to have lots of evidence and a ‘notarized’ statement. – Even though Notarizing isn’t really a thing in the UK.

      The trouble we have now is that the Admin has changed the logo on the page, making it harder for the IP case and has moved the location on the map from our site. Effectively she has rebranded the page to a competitor’s brand and taken the 5,000 likes with it.

      I’d already taken lots of screen grabs, so hopefully it will go in our favour.

  • Brett Marsh

    Hi. Thanks for trying to help me with my problem, however do not have a business account , simply a Face Book account that I can,t access for some unexplained reason??? It was up and running but now only welcome,s me, suggests friends etc and jam,s so I can’t view any further ite,s / stories etc. ????? I presume something is activated accidentally and is stoping any further access to my account. Weird thing is however, if wifi is on I can connect/ access my account on my tablet. But my phone remains jammed on the opening page. Very frustrating and annoying. I was recently adviced it was due to ‘ technical problem,s’ ???!! So why hasn’t it been fixed. ? ( several weeks now ) It is almost impossible to get a quick and easy fix to possibly very easy Facebook problem. I’m almost ready to ‘ Pull the pin ‘ and try Twitter instead .😬