Awesome To-Do Checklist

To-do checklists are highly useful. Unfortunately, they can also be quite boring. I aim to remedy this with the aptly-named Awesome To-Do Checklist. No more will your daily ticking off of completed items come with the drudgery formerly associated with the task.

Hi-tech, schmi-tech! I could’ve coded you an amazing interactive to-do list (no I couldn’t) but there are already a dozen options online. Plus, I don’t like competing for attention so I went the old-school route, paper and pencil! This is an updated version of notepad paper with a sweet design your middle school geometry teacher would have definitely disapproved of.

Please feel free to share this with others. And without further ado… The Awesome To-Do Checklist (drumroll please)! If you’d like to try out some online to-do checklists, we have a list over on our Digital Marketing Tools & Software List.

Download the highly-printable PDF version here: Awesome To-Do Checklist

Awesome To-Do Checklist


Published:September 24, 2014


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