301 Redirected Websites in Google SERPS

Today while doing research for my menswear blog, Post + Modern, I came across a search on Google that had two first page results that redirected to another website that was also on the first page.

One more strange thing is that the two sites that redirected were exact match domains for terms related to my search. My search was for “maroon blazer mens” and the two sites were, as labeled in the screenshot below, (1) brownblazer.com and (2) orangeblazer.com. Both of these sites redirect to (3) blazerdepot.com.

I cannot recall ever coming across something like this before and it really took me off guard. With Hummingbird I have expected to see better and better results coming from Google, and this has generally been the case. I can’t imagine Google is knowingly doing this and will follow this search and update the post if I notice anything change.

Has anyone else noticed this recently?

301 Redirected Websites in Google SERPS


Published:October 12, 2014

Search Engines

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